It pays well to be a mad scientist…eventually.

I am now officially a starving grad student!

One of the major perks of going to grad school is the stipend (although people have been known to disagree on the matter). The fact that us grad students are essentially being paid to learn more about our disciplines (i.e., go to class) and have fun in a laboratory is a perk that’s hard to ignore. I mean, I am being given money to read about polymers and solar cells and chemistry and to play with glassware and big expensive spectrometers. That’s the kind of stuff I would be doing anyway in my spare time hobby-wise.
Sounds pretty sweet right? It is! In theory anyway. You see, I did not properly factor in that awkward period between moving up to my school and actually seeing that beautiful check deposited to my account. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be handled by the magic bursar peoples squirreled away in the dark confines of some administrative building hoarding coins and swimming in pools of gold dubloons. I didn’t exactly budget for this lengthy awkward period, so after paying for 1.) airline tickets, 2.) baggage fees (and believe me, there are baggage fees when you’re moving/flying across states), 3.) rent and security deposits…well, I have less than 3-digits in my bank account. And it needs last for the next 2-3 weeks. It is a living experiment in asceticism.
That said, the apartment here is quite nice and looks even more roomy (read: spartan) without the burden of furniture. Take a look:
-The bedroom isn’t too bad as long as I convince myself I’m going for a minimalist vibe. Really. That’s what it is. I swear. Style.
-The bathroom is actually the best furnished room in the place. Likely because it’s got the lowest real estate to begin with.
-And look at what a deal we got! There’s an entire room just for the internet! (Most people would probably put couches and TVs in such rooms, and to them I say psh!)