Swinging for the fences – Part 1

I’ve been collaborating recently with physics department from the nearby Mount Holyoke College. And by recently, I mean about a year and a half running now. Lots of experiments, and troubleshooting loose wires, and redoing experiments, and realizing we completely misinterpreted some data, and more redoing experiments.

In the past month or so I really hit my stride on the experimental side of things and have been getting some really pretty looking data. After a brief chat with the boss this week, we think this stuff is awesome. Really awesome.  And this ain’t just us talking to the NSF in our grant report. This is us getting amped up just looking at figures in group meeting.  So we’re ready to start writing it all up.  And we’re aiming for the biggy. The one journal to rule them all.  Science. Or Nature. So, you know, the two journals to rule them all I guess. 

Obligatory PhD Comic:


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