Review process: done!

Publication process news! The article we submitted back at the start of September has come back with comments from the peer reviewers. Clocking in at about 2 months after submission, the timing of the response fits pretty well with what we usually expect. Maybe a bit on the long side, but not too bad.

And the good news is that the reviews were about as good as you could realistically hope for: accepted with very minor revisions. Both reviewers more or less just pointed out a few typos, non-exact terminology, and a good reference we missed. One of them did ask for a bit of clarification on a heat vs time plot we were using qualitatively – just to show how quickly certain reactions happened. He wanted a little more quantitative analysis on it, which honestly I had thought about but didn’t go through with. It would have been a lot of work for some fairly ambiguous data. But he asked, so I plugged through it and stuck it in anyway.

Bottom line: paper accepted! We’ve got the corrections made and should be sending it back on Monday. Next the journal will be formatting it to their specs, and we’ll get the galley proofs back for any last minute typo and blurry picture corrections we want to make. ETA till press is probably about a month. Though I think Chemistry of Materials is one of the journals that puts accepted papers up on the web before galley proofs are done, so it could be even sooner!


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