I shall call him: Mini-Me

Success of the (Yester)Day: Training the summer undergrad student in clean-room usage. Now we can both revel in the joys of bunny-suits.

Note: Not us. Those are NASA guys. But in clean suits, who can tell?


Who wants some infographics?

Nanotechnology is a pretty big deal these days. Not only is it a huge buzzword for science grants, I also end up talking in nanoscale pretty much everyday (yesterday for example: “Ok, that film needs to be thinner than 150 nanometers”). It recently hit me that I have a very hard time conceptualizing what a nanometer actually is. Sure, I know it’s about 50,000 times smaller than the width of a single hair, but so what? Like “a billion”, it really doesn’t mean anything to me.

So inspired by that really cool star-size comparison I’m sure everyone’s seen, I decided to make one for small stuff. I’m no graphic artist, so it isn’t too pretty, but it works. It’s just as much for my own edification than for anyone else, but it might be fun to look at.

Turn down that noise!

After thinking about yesterday’s Success of the Day post, I’ve decided it’d be good to make it a regular (though probably not daily) thing. It’s too easy to get caught up in why a particular experiment isn’t working. Daily successes are pretty good optimism boosts, even if it’s just a successful pot of tea.

Success of the Day: Polymer LED and its emission spectrum.

It’s a pretty terrible spectrum…I’m surprised I can see anything above the noisiness of it. BUT, it’s the the first spectrum from our new spectrometer, so huzzah! Optimization will clearly be needed.