No, we do not have an extra electron microscope just lying around

Our lab has had a problem recently with people from other parts of the building “borrowing” equipment. The term here is used loosely, since we’re rarely told when they take stuff, or even asked for that matter.

I worked in retail for a very short bit during my undergrad career, and for some reason I’m a bit surprised at how similar the situation is in research academia. Given the whole building is one big department, we’ve definitely got that community vibe going strong. It’s not too surprising then when you realize there’s something you need on the next floor down, and hey, we’re all in this together right? It happened a lot at my retail gig; the price gun would spontaneously teleport across the store (mind you, this was a large department store), your extra roll of receipt paper would be gone, that sorta thing. So it happens here too. The difference of course being that a loose coat hangar isn’t really equivalent to a $8000 dual channel source meter, if only for the fact that I can’t hang my lab coat on it.


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