If only someone can work out the dynamics of that tingling thing

Speaking of gecko stuff from before, Nicola Pungo is one of my favorite people ever.

Not only is he working on really strong adhesive surfaces which can release without, say, ripping the plaster straight from the walls, he’s looking at super-strong invisble cables and even has the calculations for how they can support a person. Not just any person, mind you. We’re talking the Person of Arachno-esque People: Spidey! Most amusingly, all of his papers include the phrase “Spiderman suit” somewhere in them, most often straight in the title. While I am an enormous fan of short, punchy, catchy titles in general, sometimes I can’t help but wondering the sorts of comments he gets from his referees when publishing.
(Latest paper from Pungo: Spiderman Gloves (really, that’s the title))

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